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Judi Bari:

  • - This website is dedicated to Judi Bari, and is filled with information about Judi Bari and her case. You'll find articles and speeches by Judi herself, in writing as well as in audio files which you can listen to over the Internet. You'll find articles about Judi, and about her case against the FBI. You'll find books, tapes and CDs that you can order. There is a photo gallery with images from Judi's personal collection as well as police photos of her bombed car. There are legal documents filed in the federal lawsuit. There is a poetry page, and we invite new contributions.
  • Friends of Judi Bari - "We are a group of friends of the late Judi Bari, the gifted environmental and labor organizer and forest defender. We have joined together as a group to defend Judi and her legacy from attacks by Big Timber, the FBI, the right-wing and their hired character assassins."
  • Liar Unlimited - The lurid history of Bruce Anderson and the Anderson Valley Advertiser, By Mike Sweeney (in fairness, the Anderson Valley Advertiser link is listed below under "sources").
  • - This action-packed documentary unfolds in the order Judi testified, questioned by civil rights attorney Dennis Cunningham. The archival footage brings the story to life, driven by music from the Earth First! movement. Judi Bari, an eloquent, brash orator with a union background, grows into a powerful environmental leader. Story threads and character arcs intertwine: the lawsuit against the FBI, the complex history of Earth First!, the loggers, the controversy of tree spiking, the political/romantic partnership of Judi and Darryl, and the fate of the ancient redwoods.


Select Sources Used in the Book:

The Mendocino Commentary is out of print and not publicly archived. The New Settler Interview is still in print, but a web link is currently unavailable.

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